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Continuing Education for Fashion Designers


There is no underestimating the importance of continuing education for fashion designers. In order to stay competitive in this field, one must always be on the cutting edge of the latest fashion trends, but knowing what’s in style this season is just the beginning. Fashion designers must also be on the cutting edge of the latest methods, techniques, industry standards, materials, tools and tricks. If you’re a fashion designer, you should definitely expect to refresh your training every few years or so; otherwise, you might find yourself being left behind.

Creative Options for Creative Minds
There are many different continuing education options for fashion art designers. If you are a self-trained designer, you could benefit from any level of training. Even if you’re already working in the fashion field with a reasonable level of success, you could still benefit from a professional certificate program, associate’s degree or even a bachelor’s degree in fashion design. If you already have a certificate or associate’s degree, your previous coursework would probably count towards the next level of education. By increasing your formal training, your skills will become more refined, and you will understand certain techniques much better than you did before.

Even designers that have bachelor’s degrees and have done their training with prestigious fashion art designers can still benefit from a little continuing education. A refresher course every few years is always helpful to stay on the cutting edge of the latest color palettes, lines, patterns, materials, textures, sewing machines, pressing equipment and other design tools. Art and design courses can also be helpful for fashion art designers of any level, because they encourage creativity and help strengthen skills in sketching, color combinations, pattern making and more.

As a fashion art designer, you may also want to invest some time in your continuing education if you are thinking of switching to a different career within the fashion field or if you simply want to open up your job options. These are a few of the other jobs in the fashion industry that you might consider training for:

• Accessory Draper
• Buyer
• Clothing Store Manager
• Consultant
• Costume Maker
• Fashion Research Analyst
• Image Consultant
• Personal Stylist
• Production and Development Manager
• Retail Merchandiser
• Technical Designer

You may think you know it all, and if you’re smart enough to build a career on self-taught skills, you probably do. However, formal training is always going to help you take it to the next level.

Earn Online Political Science Masters Degree For A Better Future

After earning a bachelor’s degree, people get busy in their professional life that they hardly get time to earn their master’s degree, in this way they either sacrifice their on going job, so that they can enhance their skills to attain a brighter career or they drop the idea of getting their master’s degree, instead of leaving their current job in the middle. Therefore, those who have earned their bachelors degree in political science or in a related field of study can easily enroll for their online political science masters degree. This degree is offered online at a number of well known accredited colleges and universities.

By the end of online political science masters degree, graduates become capable to analyze, from an international point of view various political issues. This is because; they acquire academic qualification important in this regard, hence, it is assumed that they can be the future’s finest political scientists.

Those who opt to excel in the field of political science, by earning their masters degree, make efficient use of their practices of life as well as their work and undergraduate experience, to discover profound issues of politics and power. Thus, in this way, they find it easy to extend their understanding of political structure and its impact on domestic and international policy.

During the program, students study the theories and philosophies behind government, political processes and economies. Furthermore, the theories behind democracy are assessed and recognized by them. They also learn to make comparison between those theories and other political systems. Including the study of American government and its policies, students also study about various other governments in different parts of the world. After completing online political science masters degree, students acquire the skills to interact in a global system.

In addition, the students of online political science masters degree analyze that how public policies and political systems are developed, operated and originated. They learn research methodologies as well, so that they can collect data and perform appropriate analysis and research in their domain.

Moreover, while earning the degree, students are skilled in collecting and analyzing data, in taking interviews, in doing surveys and in presenting their findings by maintaining a proper report, which is very useful for political lobbying, nonprofit, civic and social organizations.

Students are taught a number of courses, during this degree program that includes contemporary political theory, international politics, American government and politics, East Asian politics, environmental politics, European politics, Feminist political theory, International economics, Public policy, Critical geopolitics and various others.

Career Prospects and Salary Information

As stated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in near future, political scientists will be highly in demand, because the employment rate is expected to rise to a great level. Hence, graduates of online political science masters degree will find rewarding career opportunities in their domain.

After earning online political science masters degree, one can opt from a variety of careers available in business, teaching, government, journalism, political activism and in various other areas. Like in government one can work as a politician, legislator, ambassador, diplomat, lobbyist, an electoral official, a political campaign worker and etc. Furthermore, positions other then in government includes political researcher, legislative analyst, corporate public affairs advisor, sociologist, historian, lawyer, judge, political journalist, political talk show host and etc.

Depending on the nature of federal, state and local governments, it has been found that there are positions available for people having political science background. This is because of retirements and promotions that gradually or sometimes rapidly takes place in federal, state and local governments. Whenever, economic insecurities are encountered, positions in federal government are found highly competitive.

The Employment Compromise Agreement

An employment compromise agreement is a legal and binding agreement between an employee and an employer following the latter’s employment termination. Under the terms of the deal, the employee would receive a specified and usually hefty amount of cash as a form of severance pay. S/He, in return, agrees to drop any legal claims or cases that could be filed before the Employment Tribunal.

As an employment tool, employers use an employment compromise agreement as a shield against unlikely instances and claims specifically during redundancy situations. For their part, employers should comply with specific legal requirements especially when making any redundancy. If the employer fails to deliver the requirements, a claim could be filed by the employee before the employment tribunal. Any claim awarded to an employee by the tribunal would significantly cost the employer, thus, it is very rare for any employer to fail meeting requirements in an employment compromise agreement.

For any employment compromise agreement to be valid, the following simple requirements must be met: the agreement should be in writing; it should identify an adviser; it should relate to particular complaints held by the employees; all the requisite conditions should be met; the adviser should carry a professional indemnity insurance; and the employee must have received appropriate legal guidance and advice from an independent employment solicitor before he signed the contract. The solicitor is even made a signatory of the document as a proof that legal advice was appropriately provided to the employee prior to signing the agreement.

What are the logical benefits of such agreement? First, certainty is provided for both the employee and the employer. The employee would know the exact amount he would receive from the deal, while the employer may rest assured that no legal claim would be filed by the employee against the business. Second, a hefty amount of money is paid to the employee as a form of compensation for the job loss. The amount involved is usually higher than a redundancy or dismissal package. Lastly, the employment compromise agreement minimizes risks of possible problems related to employment.

An employee is not obliged to sign this agreement. He has the option whether to accept the deal or not. However, in a redundancy situation, refusal to sign the agreement may result to a lesser amount of settlement. The package that comes with a compromise agreement is usually much higher than a statutory redundancy entitlement.

The employee is required to hire an employment solicitor for the matter. Solicitors are qualified to give legal advice to employees who are considering an employment compromise agreement. The law specialist should clearly explain to the employee all the legal terms and technicalities of the document. The employee must fully understand every term and clause included in the employment compromise agreement.

Social Media in eLearning, Business Branding, and Interpersonal Communication

Social media has made a tremendous impact, not only on the landscape of Internet marketing, but also on the society at large. It has revolutionized the way people share and process huge streams of information they receive and create on a daily basis.

Through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media platforms, people have a chance to share and upload newsworthy information fast, making data dissemination more convenient and viral in nature. What makes it even more socially significant is that the information from these platforms are fueled and powered by the people for purposes that matter to them like education, business, and interpersonal communication.

Social Media in eLearning
One of the goals of education is to foster social intelligence among students. In our modern era, students are given more opportunities to learn and harness interpersonal skills using other media like eLearning, an innovative subject delivery method that uses the power of information technology. Instead of being confined in the four walls of the classroom and the pages of books, knowledge is now shared using this more convenient medium.

Social media plays a huge role in leveraging the reach of education by giving it a more hip and effective packaging that students can relate to. The marriage of Internet media and online education also helps the employee training industry to provide efficient trainings that will improve the performance of the workforce.

Twitter and Facebook are now used in some Technology Enhanced Training to effectively disseminate reminders and materials to learners. These are also platforms where students/trainees and teachers can interact and communicate regarding important lesson points. Both teachers and students benefit because while teachers find it convenient to update materials, students also get to share information to make the lesson more meaningful to their lives.

Going Beyond Business Branding
More and more companies are capitalizing on the power of Twitter and Facebook to create a hit brand for their businesses. Koji BBQ, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut are just some of the giant brands that achieved much success through social networks. These tools helped them strengthen an active following, make a bigger name among consumers, and generate revenues from internet promotions.

To fully optimize this potential, Twitter and Facebook have added some features to help businesses get the word out about their products. FB released (Facebook Markup Language) FBML, a feature that allow users to send e-mails, create columns, dashboard, and header, and put up a static site within a Facebook account. This can help businesses harness the potentials of Facebook to funnel traffic and brand their products. Twitter’s real time and viral communication makes it an ideal network for businesses especially those who want to get constant feedback from consumers.

Interpersonal Communication with Limitless Possibilities
The primary goal of social networking sites is to give people an online portal where they can express themselves and interact with others. People become active in these accounts to reconnect with the world and widen their social diagram. As these networks become stronger and more viral, users start to utilize them to deliver important messages and news.

eLearning, business branding, and interpersonal communication are just few of the functions that drive social media straight to recognition. With their millions of active users and the current need to manage the huge amount of information on the Internet, we can expect that social sites are here to stay for a long time.